zaterdag 23 augustus 2008

"Patch knitting..."

Had nog wat restantjes bolletjes katoen over. Hiervan ga ik allemaal lapjes breien met een hartjes patroon erin. Deze ga ik later "patchen" tot een leuk kleedje...
Leuk werkje om even tussendoor te doen, je ziet het goed ik brei met een rondbreinaald.
Tip van een dame van een quiltbee, kun je beter in je handtas meenemen...hahahah!

I had some rest off cotton left. With those I'll knit several blocks with a pattern of hearts.
Later on I will "patched" those blocks for a nice knittingquilt.
So nice to do this between all of my work at home, did you see it I knit with needles to make socks with it.
Was a tip from a lady on a quiltbee, you can put it better in you handbag....hahahaha!

2 opmerkingen:

Giusy Jdeebella zei

Hi Cindy!! Happy Birthday!!! I'm really happy to see that you finally have a blog! Your works are great and I love to see you here! Please, send me again the email, I didn't receive it yet... :) I'm really really happy to know you're right and health!
Have a nice week end and Happy Birthday again!

Cindy at her Country Home zei

Ciao Giusy, Thanks for your reaction. I am also happy to see you on the log. Next week is my 40th birthday, getting old and I've seen a little bit of grey hair hahahah...
I will send you the email with our picture in Trieste! With a nice cup of caffe laté (cappucino)
Ciao Cindy X

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